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RoA uses some variant rules to give it a unique feel from other campaign settings. For details on the variant rules of RoA, see the Variant Rules page. There are also some new feats, as well as staple feats that have been modified to fit with the new variant rules. These can be found on the Feats page.

Also, unique to RoA is the lack of an alignment system. Instead, people identify themselves by which Aspect of Center they worship. For information on Center and its Aspects visit the Aspects of Center page.

As you can imagine, divine magic works a little differently due to the absence of alignment. For more information, visit the Divine Magic page.

Making your first character in Acadecia? Great! After reading the Variant Rules and Aspects of Center sections, be sure to check out the Character Creation page to get started. Don’t forget, RoA introduces a new class: The Pugilist, a variant class to the monk that focuses on developing his own unique martial arts style instead of spiritual perfection.

Got a few levels under your belt and want to choose a campaign-specific prestige class to give your character a more RoA feel? Check out the Prestige Classes page for your options.

Finally, if you want some general information about the world, visit the World of Acadecia page.

Main Page

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