Pasha's Multitool

This small, dark ovoid stone has several tiny buttons around the outside of its surface, and the Draconic rune for opening at its center.


Aura: Faint Transmutation
Slot: None (held)
Caster Level: 5th
Market Price: 6400 gp
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, creator must have Quick Disable rogue talent, creator must have at least 5 ranks in Disable Device.
Cost: 3200 gp.

Effect: +4 Equipment bonus to Disable Device checks
Effect: Reduce Disable Device time by half (minimum 1 round)


Originally designed by infamous arcane trickster Pasha Fipp, this small stone is a boon to anyone looking to disable traps and other devices. The Multitool fills the same role as thieves’ tools, and grant a +4 equipment bonus to any Disable Device check. Further, the easy-to-use pop-out tool system makes such tasks quick and easy. When using Pasha’s Multitool, the wielder reduces the time required to complete a Disable Device check by half, rounded down (minimum 1 round).

Pasha's Multitool

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