Acadecia; a world of grand adventure, intrigue, and dire portents. Prophecies align, wars rage, and the mysterious figures known as the Archmagi have returned to the world after vanishing for thousands of years.

There is room for any kind of campaign you wish to run in Acadecia. From the political intrigue among the noble houses in Velanche, to the raging war between Hyperion, Velanaar, and the Grindel Territories. Take your players deep into enemy territory in the fallen kingdom of Echinea, pitting them against demons, undead, and worse. Face them against the dire omens surrounding the return of the Archmagi. Or just send them into the myriad ruins in the Earthspine Mountains to kick down doors and clear some dungeons!

Any of these styles, or a blend of them, is possible in the Realms of Acadecia. With new prestige classes, new campaign-based feats, and even a new class, the possibilities are endless. Take a gander into the Realms of Acadecia!


These pages give you the run-down on what makes Acadecia unique from other campaign settings, from variant rules to setting-specific or variant feats.

Variant Rules: These are alterations or additions to the standard Pathfinder core rules.
Aspects of Center: Divinity is very different in Acadecia, as explained in this section. The people of Acadecia do not worship gods, but an idea known as Center. However, just as there are a thousand ways to worship the same deity in our world, everyone sees Center a little differently. This page details its various Aspects, and the sects that worship it.
Divine Magic: RoA has no alignment system; therefore, divine magic works a bit differently. These differences are detailed here.
Feats: From new setting-specific feats (such as Abelite Rider) to feats that work differently with the variant rules (such as Toughness), you can find them here.


Character Creation: The rules for generating a first-level character specific to Acadecia, including starting region and bonus regional skills.
New Class – The Pugilist: A martial artist who focuses on mastering his own unique style of unarmed combat.
New Class – The Water Dancer: A martial ascetic from the Durani Desert who seeks to emulate her most sacred-held element with fluid defense and swift, violent attacks.


Looking for more information on the world? Perhaps you want to peek at one of the several available prestige classes unique to Acadecia to give your character more RoA-specific flavor. All that and more can be found on the following pages.

World of Acadecia: Learn about the various kingdoms, terrains, and population centers throughout the world.
Affiliations: (under construction) From the world-renowned Shining Blade Guild, to the shadowy cabal known as The Vassagians, the major guilds and groups can be found here.
Prestige Classes: Raise your archery to legendary status as a Hundred Arrow Archer, or stalk criminals in the night as a Shadow Sentinel; learn about all five new Acadecian prestige classes here.

Realms of Acadecia

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