World of Acadecia

There are seven inhabited continents in the known world: Arcadia, Echinea, the Four King Isles, Gransyria, Southron, The Upper Wastes, and by far the largest, Suinvar. Among them are eighteen recognized countries as well as several geographical regions that are either part of a country or are too vast or out-of-the-way to fall under any country’s jurisdiction.

There is also the continent known as the Blasted Isles, which is believed to have been obliterated thousands of years ago in some sort of divine retribution. It is now a massive cluster of rocky, broken islands and terrifying monsters that few dare to explore.

The following is information on various countries and areas of settlement, broken down by continent. A * next to a city denotes that it is the capitol city of that country.

Continent of Arcadia
Continent of Echinea
Continent of Four King Isles
Continent of Gransyria
Continent of Southron
Continent of Suinvar
The Upper Wastes

World of Acadecia

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