Prestige Classes

Realms of Acadecia offers several new campaign-specific prestige classes based on organizations in the world of Acadecia. These are open to any PC that meets the prerequisites, or DM’s can use them to make interesting and unique NPC’s for the characters to meet or face. The new prestige classes are listed below.

Black Cloak Hunter: A stalker of a specific enemy whose hatred is tempered by his oaths to protect the innocent.

Bladeslinger: A martial sect of the Shining Blade Guild who specializes in using double weapons in a very unique fashion.

Hundred Arrow Archer: The fabled skirmishers of Archenholde, whose archery is unparalleled.

Iron Fist Disciple: Monastic disciples of a very specific martial philosophy whose fists can break stone.

Mage Knight: The magic-oriented peacekeepers of the mysterious and ill-understood Archmagi; masters of counter-spells and defending themselves and others against magic assault.

Shadow Sentinel: A grim lot who toe the line between lawful bounty hunter and vengeance-minded vigilante, these warriors turn shadows into weapons to bring their quarry low.

Prestige Classes

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