Divine Magic

Divine magic follows most of the same rules as other settings, with a few notable exceptions. These are described in detail below.

Divine Casters and Domains

Followers of a particular Aspect of Center do not adhere to a set list of available domains. Because religious belief is highly personalized in Acadecia, each divine caster chooses his or her domain(s) from any on the list of available domains. However, the tenets of each faction do bar certain domains from their followers. The typical domains chosen by followers of particular Aspects, as well as the domains barred by their Aspect’s tenets, are given below. You can also find them listed with each Aspect’s portfolio on the Aspects of Center page.

Typical and Barred Domains by Aspect

Typical Domains: Artifice, Community, Faith*, Protection.
Barred Domains: Death, Liberation.

Central Truth
Typical Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Travel.
Barred Domains: Destruction, Madness.

Typical Domains: Liberation, Luck, Trickery, Travel.
Barred Domains: Community, Nobility.
Typical Domans: Animal, Air, Earth, Fertility*, Fire, Water, Weather.
Barred Domains: Artifice, Nobility.

King’s Crown
Typical Domains: Community, Faith*, Nobility, War.
Barred Domains: Darkness, Liberation, Madness.

Typical Domains: Charm, Darkness, Madness, Trickery.
Barred Domains: Fertility*, Faith*.

Subfaction: The Vassagians
Typical and Barred Domains are the same as The Prisoner.

Raging Spirit
Typical Domains: Destruction, Glory, Fire, Strength, War.
Barred Domains: Darkness.

Typical Domains: Death, Faith*, Knowledge, Repose, Sun.
Barred Domains: Healing, Fertility*, Madness.

Subfaction: The Azraelites
Barred Domains: Glory, Madness, Trickery.

Typical Domains: Community, Destruction, Faith*, Nobility, Strength.
Barred Domains: Charm, Liberation.

Sleeping Moon
Typical Domains: Darkness, Knowledge, Magic, Travel.
Barred Domains: Fire, Sun.

Typical Domains: Darkness, Glory, Luck, Travel, Trickery.
Barred Domains: Community, Sun.

Waking Dawn
Typical Domains: Faith*, Fertility*, Healing, Sun.
Barred Domains: Death, Darkness, Madness.

Aligned Spells in Acadecia

Spells such as holy word and protection from law no longer function in the same way, as there are no longer alignments. Instead, spells that work against a particular alignment work against all Opposed Factions (so protection from law becomes protection from opposition).

Certain outsiders have an alignment descriptor in their heading (for example, angels have the good descriptor and demons have the evil descriptor). All creatures lose the law and chaos descriptors, instead gaining alignment to a particular faction. Creatures with the good descriptor instead gain the holy descriptor, and creatures with the evil descriptor instead gain the unholy descriptor. This descriptor is for the purposes of what kind of weapons bypass damage reduction, and what spells affect them. (Dispel Holy will function against angels and archons, for example.)

Likewise, weapons in Acadecia do not carry the chaotic or axiomatic qualities, but instead carry the of (Aspect Name) quality. Those struck by the weapon who are not of the Faction after which the weapon quality is named suffer the added effects of that quality (with the exception of Factions allied with the weapon’s Faction). Also, holy and unholy weapons specifically affect creatures with the opposed descriptor. For example, a +1 Unholy longsword of the Retribution would deal +2d6 damage to those who are not followers of the Retribution Aspect (except those of the King’s Crown, as they are an allied Faction) and +2d6 damage against angels, archons, and other outsiders with the holy subtype.

New Domains in Acadecia


As a facet of your beliefs, you understand the importance of birth and life, and their protection. You gain a +2 Sacred Bonus on saving throws against Death Effects and on Fortitude Saves against death from reaching 0 WP.

Touch of Life (Su): Once per day, you may touch a friendly target and grant them a +2 Sacred Bonus to all saving throws. This bonus increases by +1 every four cleric levels ( +3 at 4th, +4 at 8th, and so on). This lasts for one round per cleric level.

Restore the Breath (Sp): At 8th level, once per week you may revive a dead target as a Full Round Action, just as if you had cast Raise Dead on them. The target must have died very recently (within 1 round per caster level). Unlike a normal Raise Dead spell, this does not necessarily bestow negative levels on the target (he may make a Fortitude Save, DC 20, to avoid them; you may also grant your daily saving throw bonus to the target if you wish). All other effects and limitations of a Raise Dead spell apply.

Domain Spells: 1st – Sanctuary; 2nd – Delay Poison; 3rd – Create Food and Water; 4th – Restoration; 5th – Breath of Life; 6th – Heroes’ Feast; 7th – Greater Restoration; 8th – Faith Aura; 9th – Miracle.


You are steadfast in your belief in your chosen Aspect, and have the strength to smite those of Opposed Factions. You gain a +1 Sacred Bonus to AC against attacks from followers of an Opposed Faction.

Hand of Faith (Sp): For a number of rounds equal to ½ your cleric level rounded down (minimum 1), you may add +1 to melee attack and damage rolls against targets whose faction is opposed to yours. These rounds need not be consecutive. The bonus to attack and damage increases by 1 at 4th level and every four levels thereafter, to a maximum of +6 at level 20.

Holy/Unholy Instrument (Sp): Upon reaching 8th level, once per day as a free action, you may touch a weapon and grant it either the holy or unholy descriptor, depending on whether you channel positive or negative energy. The weapon acts as if it had the special weapon property of the same name. This persists for a number of rounds equal to ½ your cleric level, rounded down. You may use this power an additional time per day at 12th, 16th, and 20th level.

Domain Spells: 1st – Protection from Opposition; 2nd – Align Weapon; 3rd – Magic Circle Against Opposition; 4th – Smite Opposition; 5th – Dispel Holy/Unholy; 6th – Blade Barrier; 7th – Word of Faith; 8th – Aura of Faith; 9th – Summon Monster IX.

Divine Magic

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