Continent of Southron

Bloody Pole

Population: N/A (Part of Southron)

The Bloody Pole is the nickname given to Acadecia’s south pole, where the giant sentient storm known as The Maelstrom currently resides. The icy floes are constantly bombarded by The Maelstrom, which rains ice elementals instead of normal weather like snow or water. The mages of Grimward to the north are beset by these raging elementals on a regular basis.

The center of the Pole is solid ice, a single land mass nearly a hundred miles in diameter, surrounded by hundreds of smaller ice floes (smaller, but still the size of large islands). Almost nothing survives out here, since The Maelstrom’s steady raging storm makes the temperatures here even further below zero than in Southron just to the north. Even animals accustomed to cold cannot survive The Maelstrom’s onslaught.


Population: 346. (81% Human, 6% Elf, 6% Gnome, 4% Half-Elf, 1% Dwarf, 1% Halfling, 1% Other)
Ruler: Serena Belfast (De Facto; no standing government. Archmage of Shields, level unknown.)
Major Cities: Grimward (Pop 213).
Major Imports: Nearly everything.
Major Exports: Cold iron, magic items.

Southron is a small continent covered completely in ice and snow, with a small range of mountains running down the center. In spite of their stunted height, these peaks are some of the coldest in the world due to their proximity to Acadecia’s south pole. Little can survive here aside from the most cold-acclimated animals such as arctic foxes, polar bears, and winter wolves. There are a handful of small human settlements, but the majority of the meager populace resides in the mage tower known as Grimward.

Grimward is a staging point in the constant battle with The Maelstrom. The Maelstrom is, so far as anyone can tell, a giant sentient storm that resides near the Bloody Pole. Before the arrival of the Archmagi, the Maelstrom would sometimes shift as far north and west as Port Nanten in South Abel. Since their arrival, Serena Belfast—master abjurer and Archmage of Shields—has made it her top priority to help the beleaguered mages of Grimward to push the Maelstrom back. This is no small task, since the Maelstrom will erratically spew forth a horde of raging ice elementals. The mages of Grimward (those that survive, anyway) are widely seen as some of the toughest spellcasters in the southern hemisphere, and masters of defensive magic. It is here that Serena Belfast personally oversees the training of new Mage Knights.

Continent of Southron

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