Continent of Four King Isles

The Four King Isles, while not a continent, are a cluster of four very large islands and dozens of smaller ones. Each of the four main islands are home to a kingdom, the largest by far being Eronar. The countries of Bladelocke, Meliox, and Phorm are, for the most part, sovereign nations, though the Queen of Eronar is allowed to make certain mandates—mostly on taxes and the formation of armies for the Four King Isles.


Population: 6,133. (62% Human, 14% Dwarf, 13% Half-Orc, 8% Elf, 2% Half-Elf, 1% Other)
Ruler: General Marius Vorkin (appointed military leader, Half-Orc Fighter 9).
Major Cities: Fort Bladelocke (Pop 2,045), Tanis* (Pop 3,569).
Major Imports: Hides, iron ore, lumber, textiles.
Major Exports: Mercenaries.

Bladelocke is home to the Four Kings’ land armies, though they are rarely used thanks to the outstanding navy located in Eronar. To keep their soldiers sharp, Bladelocke formed Spellslash, a mercenary guild. Every soldier is expected to do a four-year tour of duty in the mercenary guild abroad, and is expected to uphold the regulations and standards of conduct of the Bladelocke Army. Reports of misconduct abroad are rare, since incidences are often punished with painful and humiliating corporal punishment.

There is no “king” per se in Bladelocke, though the General rules with the same overall political power as a monarchy. The general is appointed by the lieutenant generals by vote from their own ranks, and they act as an advisory committee to the General and rarely see combat.


Population: 263,400. (38% Human, 17% Gnome, 16% Elf, 14% Dwarf, 6% Half-Elf, 4% Halfling, 3% Half-Orc, 2% Other)
Ruler: Queen Lilliandra Freedawn (Hereditary monarch, Human Aristocrat 12).
Major Cities: Astraya (Pop 63,422), East Wavewatch Hold (Pop 5,713), Eronar* (Pop 161,344), Tranal (Pop 4,165), West Wavewatch Hold (Pop 16,355).
Major Imports: Lumber.
Major Exports: Ships.

Eronar is rivaled in size only by the Volgan States across the ocean to the west, and none of its city-states come close to the size of the sprawling city-state of Eronar. Here, dozens of marketplaces of all sizes are scattered among nearly a hundred residential districts, forming cities within cities. At the center of it all is Castle Eronar, a massive multi-tiered building towering over the heights of the city. There are eight different mage schools, sixteen trade schools, nine mercantile guilds, four bardic colleges, and six prisons. Anything you can think of, you can find in Eronar if you look hard enough.

So many people living in one area—particularly an area with such limited space—poses countless problems, and the City Engineering Guild is up to its eyeballs in projects to help ease these burdens. Taller, stabler buildings, improved septic systems, even floating residential districts off-shore—the City Engineering Guild is working on it all.

Eronar boasts one of the strongest navies in the world. This is partly due to superior numbers, but mostly it is thanks to the Shipwright’s Guild, probably the most powerful guild in Eronar. The Shipwright’s Guild is responsible for designing new ships and armaments for the Eronite Navy. Almost entirely populated by gnomes, the Shipwright’s Guild has strong political pull with the royal family and several nobles.


Population: 18,826. (37% Human, 21% Halfling, 12% Gnome, 11% Elf, 8% Dwarf, 8% Half-Elf, 3% Other)
Ruler: King Vemen Drak (hereditary monarch, Half-Orc Expert 4/Aristocrat 4).
Major Cities: Ankh (Pop 322), Balduvia (Pop 703), Meliox Collegium(Pop 485), Vorpent* (Pop 3,555).
Major Imports: Ink, lumber, parchment, pens, textiles.
Major Exports: None.

Meliox is probably the least self-sufficient of the four kingdoms in the Isles, but it survives with the money made from tuition fees at the Meliox Collegium. In fact, only a handful of people at the collegium are not students or faculty. At any given time, the collegium houses anywhere from 150 to 450 students learning dozens of mercantile trades. Everyone from cobblers to cooks pay top dollar to study at Meliox Collegium, but by far the most popular course is Shipbuilding. Joining the Shipwright’s Guild in Eronar is considered by many to be the highest honor and a guaranteed high-paying job. Subsequently, entry into the course is extremely competitive.


Population: 3,956. (29% Human, 22% Elf, 21% Gnome, 18% Half-Elf, 6% Half-Orc, 4% Other)
Ruler: King Saruin Fallstar (appointed monarch and head of mage college, Elf Witch 17)
Major Cities: Altar (Pop 269), Phorm* (Pop 2,785), Shamba (Pop 742).
Major Imports: Ink, parchment, pens, stone, textiles.
Major Exports: Magic items.

Phorm is home to Shamba Mage College, one of the most prestigious mage schools in the world. The waiting list to join the student body is nearly six years long, and tuition is highly cost-prohibitive. Scholarship programs exist, but most require demonstrations of intellect, and reaching the college to do so often proves just as difficult as affording the tuition.

The king or queen of Phorm is an appointed position, and the ruler is expected to also run the mage college. For this reason, the ruler is always an experienced arcane spellcaster. The current king, Vemen Fallstar, is reportedly a retired adventurer who took part in the legendary First Gate Incident two hundred years ago.

Continent of Four King Isles

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