Continent of Echinea


Population: 14,204. (97% Human, 3% Other)
Ruler: None (the Holy King fell during the undead invasion of Echelon).
Major Cities: Archom (Pop 12,677), Candelon (Pop 1,012), Shadewatch (Pop 102).
Major Exports: Dry goods, wool.
Major Imports: Nearly everything else.

Once, the kingdom of Echinea spanned the entire continent, but when the tragedy fell on the capitol city of Echelon on the east coast, the Zenboorne Mountains essentially became the country’s border. Now only the west half of the continent comprises a legitimate livable countryside. While there is no longer a governmental center, Archom has become the de facto capitol. Morale in the country is steadily declining. Between the lack of a central government in a country used to having a king, and the eyesore prismatic barrier over the eastern half of the continent, it’s a wonder the people have survived for so long.

Forsaken Kingdom

Population: Unknown (Presumed 0% living)
Ruler: Grievis Balrog (Shadow King of the Bone City, level unknown).
Major Cities: Bone City* (formerly Echelon), Frostbone Keep (formerly Shadowbane Keep).

Possibly the greatest tragedy in recent history was the fall of Echinea. Once a shining bastion of religion, justice, and peace, the kingdom fell overnight to demons and hordes of undead. No one knows precisely what happened, but it is rumored the fall is the fault of the Grand Light Advisor, Grievis Anduin, as he is supposedly the new ruler of Echinea, and has re-named himself Shadow King Grievis Balrog.

All that is known for certain is that, in the dead of night, gateways to the Abyss opened up all over Echelon and a demonic army poured through. Their ranks were bolstered by undead risen from the cemeteries. Every last person slain was raised as an undead minion under control of the Shadow King.

The barrier appeared little more than a year later, coinciding with the reappearance of the Archmagi. It is speculated that the barrier is their work, and since it bars both mundane and magic travel in or out, it is believed that the Shadow King intends to spread his demonic and undead dominion further across the globe.

Zenboorne Mountains

Population: N/A (Part of Echinean Kingdom)

The Zenboorne Mountains are a narrow band of peaks that split the continent of Echinea from north to south. The Prismatic Barrier covers the east half of the range, while the other half is mined by the surviving people of Echinea for a handful of iron ore to keep their rapidly decaying economy from crumbling completely. There is only one known pass through the mountains, near their center: Deadwind Pass. It is guarded by a large watchtower, originally called Zenboorne after the mountain range; now it is colloquially known as Shadewatch. Though it has not seen action since the Barrier was raised, before that it was a bloody battleground. The soldiers of the tower defended the pass from dozens of demonic and undead assaults. Few survived; those that did are considered some of the hardiest and most grizzled warriors in the world.

Continent of Echinea

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