Continent of Arcadia

Durance Sheikdom

Population: Approx. 38,000. (82% Human, 5% Elf, 5% Half-Elf, 4% Halfling, 2% Half-Orc, 2% Other)
Ruler: Water Sheik Akvan Shalak’ti (Hereditary monarch, Human Aristocrat 6/Oracle 4).
Major Cities: Ar’zhul (Pop 922), Kain* (Pop 34,501), Sapphire Keep (Pop 2350).
Major Imports: Lumber, produce.
Major Exports: Gems, ink, sandstone, silk.

The sheikdom of Durance spans from the coasts of the Tugan Ocean to the south, through the Durani Desert, all the way to the badlands marking the no-man’s land between Durance and the Fipp Republic to the north. The capitol and main port is Kain, where the Royal Palace rests behind magically enhanced sandstone walls. Kain is comprised of five districts. The outermost district, the Diamond Wharf, is an ovoid district butting against the otherwise circular city. The other districts are in concentric rings and are strictly divided by caste. At the center, in the royal palace, is the Water Caste, the nobility of Durance. It is followed by the Sun Caste, the priests and holy men (women of the Sun Caste are generally sacred prostitutes). Next is the Fire Caste, which is mostly comprised of merchants and tradesmen, and finally the Sand Caste, the lowest of the social castes. This outer district is primarily comprised of slums and housing projects.

Vadam, at the southmost point of the continent, is also an important port city, though by far smaller than Kain. This is because the waters of the Tugan Ocean between Arcadia and Gransyria to the south are notoriously dead waters, and sailing tends to be slow. Often ships from Velanche need to restock at Vadam before passing northwest along the coast to Kain for their final stop. Some traders cut out the trip completely, preferring to get a slightly smaller profit for their goods in Vadam and letting them transport the goods across the desert to Kain instead of wasting a week or more sailing back and forth.

Durani Desert

Population: N/A (Part of Durance).

Little exists in the harsh dunes of the Durani Desert, save from some of the toughest animals on the planet, as well as fierce barbarian tribes who have adapted to the unforgiving sun. Oh, and ravenous blue dragons.

The dragons, while few in number, are notoriously difficult to kill. The Sapphire Guard have actually developed a regiment of gryphon-riding dragoons to combat them, and make regular nightly patrols of the desert roads to keep them safe from dragon attacks (no one in their right mind travels by day; the temperatures reach as high as 140 degrees).

Fipp Republic

Population: 7,122. (93% Halfling, 3% Human, 2% Half-Orc, 2% Half-Elf, Less Than 1% Other)
Ruler: High Fipp Senate (9 “elected” senators, all Halfling Aristocrats ranging from levels 1 to 6).
Major Cities: Aletown (Pop varies constantly; permanent residents approx. 665), Easykeep* (Pop 6,012).
Major Imports: Alcohol, barley, lumber.
Major Exports: Alcohol, poisons, purebred dogs (for everything from pets, to guards, to riding).

The Fipp Republic is something of a joke to everyone but halflings. It is widely viewed as a country the same way rations are considered food: only by the loosest of standards. Fipp is a safehaven for all kinds of criminals, from pirates to scam artists to murderers. The Fipp Republic makes no distinctions; any and all are welcome. Just don’t expect the local constabulary to protect you—the Fangriders of Easykeep are little more than hired thugs who sell “law” to the highest bidder. It is generally believed that the Fangriders and the heavily corrupt senators are in the pocket of a major crime syndicate.


Population: 4,563. (92% Human, 4% Elf, 2% Half-Elf, 1% Dwarf, 1% Other)
Ruler: Queen Arianna Villia (hereditary monarch, Human Aristocrat 9).
Major Cities: Amreth (Pop 3,133), Villia Hold* (Pop 924).
Major Imports: Lumber, produce.
Major Exports: Metal ores, stone, wool.

Ransen is a small, isolated kingdom comprising the north quarter of Arcadia, from icy coast of the Northern Floes to the small range of the Bird-of-Prey Mountains. In spite of their stunted size, the mountains regularly produce rich veins of precious metals, particularly mithral. The only larger source of the rare material is Ner Dargonholme. If you want custom mithral art objects, however, even the dwarves give a tip of the hat to the crafters of Ransen.

The regular orc raids from the mountains keep the miners on their toes, however, and most have learned to swing a battleaxe with the same skill as a pick. Adventurers willing to deal with the constant orc threat are always in demand, and despite the kingdom’s small size, the Spellslash Adventuring Guild has a sizeable presence.

Continent of Arcadia

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