Sierran Chainblade

weapon (melee)

Price: 75gp
Category: Exotic Melee
Range: —
Special: Finesse, Reach, See Text
Damage: 1d8/1d6
Critical: 19-20/+2


To the average eye, the chainblade appears to be a typical longsword and deals 1d8 damage. However, when a button on the handle is pressed, a spring mechanism in the hilt releases and the blade splits into multiple segments, each connected to a main length of chain. In chain form, the weapon acts similar to a spiked chain. It deals 1d6 damage and has reach, and may be used with the weapon finesse feat. Unlike most reach weapons, the chainblade in chain form can be used to strike adjacent opponents.

Switching from blade form to chain form is a free action, but switching from chain form to blade form is a move action as it takes a few seconds for the chain to coil back up into the hilt.

The added weight of the chain and spring mechanism make the balance of the weapon awkward for those not trained with it. Thus, it is an exotic weapon.

Sierran Chainblade

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