Black Cloak, Greater

This strange hooded cloak seems to be made of wisps of pure shadow. A ghostly sword-and-bow insignia can barely be seen on the back.


Aura: Strong Enchantment and Illusion
Slot: Cloak
Caster Level: 18th
Market Price: 24,380 gp
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, greater invisibility, resistance, shield, creator must be a black cloak hunter.

Effect: +3 Resistance bonus to saving throws vs. Hated Enemy (Black Cloak Hunter only)
Effect: +3 Deflection bonus to Armor Class vs. Hated Enemy (Black Cloak Hunter only)
Effect: +6 Competence bonus to Survival checks (Black Cloak Hunter only)
Effect: Greater invisibility 1/day (Black Cloak Hunter only)


Granted only to veteran hunters who slay powerful Hated Enemies or make great sacrifices to save innocent lives, the Greater version of the Black Cloak not only enhances the benefits of the lesser Black Cloak (+3 Resistance bonus to saving throws and +3 Deflection bonus to AC against the hunter’s Hated Enemy, and +6 Competence bonus to Survival checks), but also has an added feature. The wearer can use greater invisibility once per day by whispering the command word.

Black Cloak, Greater

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