Realms of Acadecia

The Tomb of Gabronathis

NOTE: Due to the amount of time that has passed between adventure log posts, there may be some information or smaller sessions missing, for which I apologize.

Robin and Cendred must make the journey to the continent of Arcadia, where rests the tomb of the ancient hero Gabronathis. Gabronathis’ journal is believed to have the location of the Cog Man, a construct built to be the lock on a prison to one of the oldest and most dangerous evils in Acadecia: Vassago, Demon Lord of Blood and the patron “saint” of the Aspect of the Prisoner. They have already learned that the cursed ring Cendred carries is one of three artifacts used to activate the Cog Man, along with the Staff of Moldavi the Betrayer and the Veral Flame of Gabronathis—both of which are believed to be already in the hands of the enemy.

On the way, the two meet a young woman helping her aging grandmother to run her small village tavern, by the name of Miria. With plans to start their own bar in Freeport, the two convince her to be their resident cook after tasting her ambrosia-like cabbage pies.

Soon after their stop at the tavern, they find their way into the depths of Gabronathis’ catacombs. They even manage to have a brief conversation with the ancient hero’s spirit—and Robin manages to rein in his Nemesis Rage—before taking his journal back to Deimos in Vaarsuvius.

According to the journal, the Cog Man rests in a buried labyrinth east of Velanaar, at the foot of the Earthspine Mountains. Before making the trip, they stop in Freeport to get construction started on their bar. Then it’s time to find the Cog Man—hopefully before the enemy.



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