Realms of Acadecia

The Tainted Temple

After rescuing King Rannos from the hands of assassins and attaining a copy of Vargo Gryne’s journal, Robin and Cendred take up the king’s offer of teleportation to the elven realm of Zanthalon to seek out the journal’s cipher.

The two arrive in Zanthalis, the elves’ capitol, and from there make their way into the depths of Everwood to seek out Xivamor, the hidden sacred grove of the druids. The druids find them before they find the grove, and speak telepathically. They ask what Cendred seeks, and when he explains their situation, the druids offer a trade. Gryne’s resting place has become drenched in unholy energy, and the druids wish it cleansed. If the pair promise to cleanse the temple of this taint, the druids will give them the location. Cendred promises, and the druids tree stride the pair to the temple’s location.

When they arrive, Robin and Cendred find themselves before a ruined temple to the Sleeping Moon and immediately they can feel the unholy aura of which the druids spoke. Room by room, floor by floor, the two destroy the undead and wayward guardians of the defunct temple, until they reach the half-buried catacombs and the place where the body of Vargo Gryne does not rest easily.

They discover Gryne lives on as a skeletal mage, and he and his minions fight the pair with unholy vigor, but Robin’s newfound training and invigorated hatred for undead, along with Cendred’s unparalleled skill with the curve blade, eventually win the day. They find the large gem emitting the negative energy pervading the temple and smash it, releasing the ruins from the grasp of unholy despair.

They also find a dusty old treatise on the mating habits of bulettes. Figuring such a Center-damned boring tome could be nothing other than the cipher, they grab it and some newfound loot, and head back to Zanthalis to rest and recuperate. When they arrive, there is a package waiting. The druids have sent a thank-you gift to Cendred: a new curve blade, made of purest mithral, as well as no small amount of gold.

For now they rest up, enjoying the estate of Cendred’s father, a member of the Council of Elders. Soon, however, they will have to make the journey back to Vaarsuvius to see if Deimos can make heads or tails of Vargo’s journal, and perhaps begin to unravel this mystery…



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