Realms of Acadecia

Acadecia: The Story So Far, Part 3

A Brief Summary of the Post-Invasion Missions
Malina has been missing since the kobold invasion.

Feyred disappeared mere days before the kobold invasion, leaving a letter with his brother stating there was something he had to do and would hopefully see Cendred again someday.

At the behest of her aunt, the party searched for Sierra Arcturus in the massive city-state of Eronar. They were joined by a half-orc spear-and-shield warrior who, as it turned out, was one of Robin’s many illegitimate children. Once in Eronar, they rescued Sierra from kidnappers and discovered she had been attempting to make contact with a thieves’ guild called the Shadow Hand in order to set into motion a plot to take vengeance against her father, Lord Arcturus, for her mother’s murder.

The party escorted a halfling caravan to the city of Ner Dargonholme.

Robin was tested for entry into the Black Cloak Hunters. The test went well, but it was ultimately decided Robin needed more experience before being allowed entry.

The party helped the dwarves recover the rest of the stolen pistols from Darion Pallbane. Pallbane was sent to Ner Dargonholme to await justice.

The party was sent to the port city of Belfast in Southwest Dembram. Jeffrey reappeared to join them, as well as a young oracle and a half-orc pugilist. The city had suffered some kind of attack, and refugees are pouring out all across Dembram. After investigating the city ruins, the party found several inexplicable clues and were attacked by strange creatures in the mist.

The party escorted a group of refugees to the town of Southgate, located between Freeport and End-Vaald. Once there, they helped the local guild emissary to clear out a B&E ring run by a group of novice robbers.

The group returned to Freeport, where they met with the recently-arrived Blade Commander Alturin, who asked the party to look into an inexplicable roaring that had been coming out of the Weirdling Wood near a lumber mill to the southwest. This time they were joined by a half-elf archer named Nayanna. The party discovered a group of cultists had captured a young dragon and teleported away, but their teleportation went awry and they were stuck in the wood until their magic could replenish. The party rescued the dragon, a very young green named Alestrixistrasza. Dragons have not been seen in Acadecia aside from a handful of blues in the deserts outside the Durance Shiekdom. It is too early yet to tell what this means for the world at large.


Worst. Criminal Syndicate. Ever.

Acadecia: The Story So Far, Part 3

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